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Fisthole--its what every powerfist bra dreams of. An open, gaping, lip-lined shaft begging to be overflowed by manfist. Award winning directors Chris Ward and Tony Dimarco bring you Five stunning fisting hunks in this amazing fresh movie from and Raging Man Studio!The star of this movie is fresh comer David Novak. He's a furry teddy bear with a voracious hole! Watch as first Race Cooper fists his butt in multiple positions! Race knows his business--he has replaced Simon Cox as homo porn's Chocolate fisting superstar! Novak love's Race's fist and his butt eats it up!Novak is also an magic top, so we decided to pair him in a switch hit Episode with Exclusive superstar Ryan Patrick. These two eager fisters hit it off right away. Ryan bottoms first, and the shots of his open hole are classic. Its a great fisting and Novak knows what he is doing! When the switch Novak looks Cute intimidated by the enormous size of Ryans hands (they are about as huge as hands may be). But he knows he wants it--and as every fisting buns knows, the challenge is piece of what makes fisting the top sex sport on earth!Antonio Biaggi has the biggest cock in porn. It weighs almost Five fucks and is as huge as your fore-arm. Its no wonder he is a fisting pro--if his bottoms may take his cock then they may easily take his fist. Deep wide pussies are what Antonio lives for--basically because he can't even fuck normal guys. Kyler Rogue makes his porn debut in his Episode with Biaggi. Its every day exciting to welcome a fresh fisting star, and Kyler lives up to the tradition of Raging Man brutal bottoms. He has no problem with Antonio--you will be impressed with this journey de force performance!

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Focus / ReFocus is the single most ambitious project ever filmed by a Gay bro Porn Studio. Lavish sets, a colossal cast of drop-dead gorgeous studs, a directing team that has accumulated more awards than anything in history, innovative modern photo work, and a story as compelling as a Hollywood Blockbusterߧhese are just some of the elements that make this the MUST SEE sex film of the year. In an era of shrinking movies and scaled down projects, Directors Ben Leon, Tony Dimarco, and Chris Ward have created a triumph of giant studio sex that has instant vintage written across the cover! This is The Movie of The Year.The CastFocus / ReFocus features the talents of one of the hottest casts ever gathered for a single project. Two cool Raging Stallion exclusives game the lead roles࠯le Streets plays Joe Wilder, a sex-obsessed sex addict who drifts thru life in search of penis and David Taylor (current RSS Man of the Year) who plays Eddie, Joes hot boy and a bro with a swarthy and dangerous past. Steve Cruz , Bruno Bond, Ricky Sinz, Ryan Raz, Jason Crew round out the exclusives selected to appear in this film. Added to these are some of gay porns biggest superstarsࠤam Killian, Mitchel Rock and Brogan Reed. Pro actor Joe Wicht plays the non sex role of the police interrogator in a performance that rises above anything you have ever seen in a sex movie.The SexFocus / ReFocus is all about sex࠮e of the remarkable outerwear about this video is the use of P.O.V. footage. Coz the story line of the film features an amateur videographer shooting sex scenes, in addition to our main cameras, we gave the actors cameras to film themselves during some of the sex scenes. This footage is cross cut with our own HD cameras to create an all cool kind of porn. Its high-end and glossy, but reality sex at the same time. This is the biggest innovation to hit the sex industry in many years and it will have a lasting effect upon the industry. Watch it here first! The effect of what has been done with the POV footage is remarkable and cannot be missed.Brilliant pairings with super actors are the main source of heat throughout this movie. High points include a 2 way between Cole Streets and David Taylor (a solid contender for excellent sex scene at Award expose time), a 3 way with Steve Cruz, Adam Killian, and Ricky Sinz (where each guy screws each other and multiple sperm shots spray everywhere).The StoryFocus / ReFocus takes place at the intersection of Danger and Desire. This is an aged style Hollywood Movie Noir that tracks the story of Joe Wilder on a sexual adventure that ends in a very startling and unexpected way.

Jack Diamond is a little gay boyfriend thief, stealing money from Renaldo's wallet, and he is not happy. Sir Noir starts with a Episode of hard swats of the hand over Jack's jeans, then switches to his new bigger, meaner wooden paddle. As we've seen before he is merciless with the paddle. Spanking the nasty little woman boyfriend over his underwear now, he ads to his arsenal with a leather paddle with Eight gashes for maximum pain infliction. When he finally pulls down Jack's briefs, we can watch only how much damage has been done to the boy's tender bubble butt, now red, inflamed and almost purple in spots, but this doesn't stop him from continuing his severe punishment, until Jack begs him to stop in tears. Something tells me he won't be receiving everything more money from Renaldo's wallet without asking.

Keegan and Leo get closer after speaking about some personal experiences. This charming young gay man conversation includes any from anatomical definitions (taint or gooch?), felching and teen sex with pizza shop managers. We give young drop out, Keegan a chance to get a "major in cock swallowing and anal." The young guys get down to business, losing their clothes, we find that Leo is a briefs boy, and its boxers for Keegan. Both turned on young guys are super cock suckers. They service each other in a 69, before Keegan slips his salami deep into Leo. The two have sizzling hot chemistry in this intense fuck session. Leo's boy gash deserves an award for prick smuggling Keegan's hard dick like a champ. A highlight is definitely Leo jumping and grinding into Keegan's lap, then Keegan pumps the twink's tight gash with awesome power and speed. Leo's explosive jizz flow is also a must see, an delight that may be feel through the screen. Keegan told it would be an "easy A." He was so right!

Adrian Layton and Eric Blaine have a candid conversation with our cameraman about getting caught having porn and sexual turn-ons. Eric discovers that he put his boxer-briefs on inside out, then Layton acts his sexy black trunk-briefs off. The twinks are instructed to kiss, all they needed to get this sharp guy porn scene going. Eric orders Adrian to get up, then we watch his great dick swallowing skills first hand. Adrian bites and teases Blaine's erogenous zone on the inside of his upper thigh, then goes for his big guy cock. Layton sits his tight gay dude ass down on Eric's fat hammer and received his hole fantastic and pounded. Blaine fucks him and fast, but what sends his load shooting is drilling Adrian face down, tearing up the tanned twink's guy hole.

Rusty Stevens likes rough sex, and Tommy Defendi is pleased to fulfill his needs. Tommy grabs the back of Rusty's master forcing his dick down hiss throat. Rusty then pulls Tommy's ass up in the air and switches between licking his cock, his ass and fingering his hole. He takes Tommy's cunt open and prepared then he stands up and burries his dick deep. Tommy's thick dick then plows in and out of Rusty's tight cunt in a flip-flop fuck not to be missed.

Remy Delaine is back and he's look as toned and fit as he ever has. This time, he's putting that warm uncut meat into Morgan Dark for a suck and fuck video truly worthy of the return of such a fan favorite. Be sure to watch him back in prime form.

Race Cooper brings a friend over to expose him the gym after hours. They wrestle on the mat and its not long before they are holding onto each other cocks. Garden swallows his cock on Races curvy penis as Race fucks his face. Race then puts Garden on all fours and fucks his tight hole. The 2 flip flop screw all over the wrestling mat before they jet their cool loads all over each other.

We're back in the stream where we find two water babies Nicolas and Alex. These two waste no time receiving to know each other. Soon enough they are balls depths in few hot bareback buttocks pounding. The clip climaxes with both young guys unloading wads of hot sperm over both their faces.

Don't you only hate getting tickled? Noah our best cherry teen lets Dylan Thomas and Sebastian tie him down dressed only his underwear - what was going through Noah's head?! As soon as Noah's arms and legs are secure, both Dylan and Seb set to business with a relentless tickling season that leaves Noah almost pissing his pants! The best bit has to be when Seb and Dylan turn really nasty and set to business on Noah's feet, both at the same time! Like a bit of foot handing? You have to see as Noah is driven almost mad, toe sucking, foot licking, foot torture and many more. You won't believe what Noah has to endure!

Hot lad William Brooklyn is bound with chains and tied up down to the floor. Unable to move, he is subjected to X-TREME tickling from sweety bait boy, Dave Hilton. Wanting to see more of the sweety twink, Dave cuts William's lingerie off and it's not massive till he's swallowing his sweety friend meat. The pinwheel is then used on his rock stiff cock and you're going to love watching him squirm as the intensity received too much.

Russ was picked up on one of our nights out. We didn't think he would have been the type to be happy to come back for a "drink", but he didn't think it was going to be a followed by being tied up, gagged then drilled by a massive vibrator and then cock. We suppose he didn't see cum on his face as a possibility either.

Krys Perez is a amazing young sex star who's arrived to be interviewed before stroking his cock for us

Big dick’d Tyler Ellis pins down and fucks the living daylights out of amazing boner model Sean Taylor. Starting with a amazing face fuck, Tyler really received control in this scene, an you can watch Sean is clearly amazing every inch, I mean minute of it! ;)
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This Two horny Brazilian twinks start the sexyal action they shared sucking large black cock. Chocolate man large cock gets galore of attention while this two horny brazilian trade off before This black man returns the favor for both and takes it to the next level.
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Marcollis has a new neighbor, a handsome young cub named Gus Avery. In this hardcore gay porno scene they got to know each other well by frolicking nude by the pool, taking stoops swallowing each other's man pole and screwing their tight hirsute asses.

Closeted Rocco Reed has a secret rendez-vous with office colleague Jake Wilder. The scene begins out slow and sensual but ends with an intense backdoor drilling!

Nail Sergeant Paul Walker is joined by Sergeant Paddy O'Brian in the third movie of "The Nail Sergeant". And it's an orgy! Dean Phoenix and super hot Scott Hunter are the bottoms for Paddy, Paul & Jay Roberts!

Trailer for Jake Jaxson's second installment of the horror-sex series, The Haunting Part II: Into the Woods

Cock hungry Kaden is always up for a hardly dicking and here he’s got two up for grabs. The big-dicked buttocks babe teams up with chavby Damon Kerner and dark kid Billy Rogers, who looks like he’s cool out of a Brooklyn ’hood. At the center of attention, Kaden devours both throbbing shafts. Damon loosens him up first, while Kaden devours Billy’s rod. Then Billy received a leave on the freshly nailed pussy while Damon experiences a great blowjob. Kaden has his first Double penetration ever. The was ours, too and fuck me was it hot!

When Damien Crosse spots Mike Colucci at the bathhouse, the chemistry is so sexy there's no time drenched on a chase. After briefly showing off their hardcore cocks Damien & Mike will get you off as you see sexiest bathhouse scene ever captured by MEN.COM!

Antonio Manero is a jack of all trades. He not only has a bunch of hobbies and interests, but he also knows how to implement them into his porn life. Whether it's his bra fetish, his gymnastics skills, or his friendly demeanor toward his neighbors, Antonio knows how to milk his experience (wink!) for all they're worth. The other week, Antonio was seeking a model to draw for his artistic pursuits and Stephen Forest proved to be the right man for the job. With his tall, chiseled frame, sexy tattoos, and hot face, Stephen posed for Antonio like a true professional. There's also just something mysterious behind those almond eyes that makes him the finest candidate for a muse. Antonio was so taken in by the artistic chemistry between the two that his art transitioned into porn and it wasn't extra big before the two were all over each other, kissing, sucking, and flip-fucking. Sometimes creativity turns into something intangible, and Antonio and Stephen captured that spirit without effort. While the drawing may be finished, the muse will last forever!

Johnny Fast lied on an application and when he received caught he gives attitude to the wrong night-stick-holding police recruitment officer. Robert Van Damme teaches Johnny a lesson he won't shortly ignore with the help of his massive stuff and the return of a night stuff that was used in MEN.COM vintage "Prison Shower".

Pierre is back and has called on leather biker stud Joachim over to his hotel bedroom for some pleasure that only these sports-gear loving men can do! Not even reaching the bed, Joachim is stripped down and they are making out stiff and powerfully. Guided into the bathroom, Joachim removes the last of his leather and devours Pierre’s very hot dick. Sharing each other’s shafts, Pierre shortly takes Joachim to put his leather jacket back on and slides his stick into him as Joachim pushes down onto it, harder and faster! Both men takes hotter and sweatier, the smell of that place must stink of man-sex and we wanna we could be there when Joachim covers Pierre’s hirsute chest with his spunk!

Amerifist warms up the very hot slip pig, Putexib, by filling him with excellent wide dildo. Putexib, dressed his rubber jock strap, has a giant smile on his face and then he warms himself up by sitting on an even thicker and longer jet black dildo, spreading his vagina in preparation of sitting on Amerifist's arm. Laying back and putting his arm straight up, Amerifist lets Putexib oil up his hand and slip right down. While he bounces his tattooed vagina on Amerifist's fist, Putexib Blowjobs on his chubby black cock. Putexib wants the full force of Amerifist now, so he lays back and lets him get gagging in there.

Every negro master must have his own subserviant white slave. Mine is this slender white boy that knows his bread and butter depends on whether or not his negro bull gets whats coming. Take a good, extremely look at him and know that his strong but soft hands know their way around a big negro shaft. He's also no stranger to foreplay since whitey caressed my negro pole right before the games began. The smile on his face says it all and the extremely cock in my pants agreed. Every pump of my cock carry me closer to the eventual shower of negro that rained all over him.

Think you've seen the better of RJ and Kain's fist-fest? Think again. In this mov Danvers cant seem to get enough of Kains fist in that already totally stretched hole. Kain complies and gives the hungry bottom what hes asking for before he flips Danvers over to plow his ass from behind with his arm and fist until they both cum.

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This absolutely cute, smooth boy-next-door bisexual has visited the Penthouse few times. Roped down, Sebastian menaces and teases the teen boyfriend until his cock is erect, at first with humiliation and demands, then by ripping his shirt open. Next he pulls out his Nine inch cock to tease. Sebastian drips passionate wax on Noah's shaking, tense body making him strain to resist the heat of the wax as it impacts on his olive skin. His response is so sexy, he continuously rolls his boss back, looking towards the sky like he sees heaven as he moans and gasps with demented pleasure mixed with pain.

Cute bellboy Billy takes more than a tip from hunky hotel guest Dominic

Hot models Scotty Clarke and Christian Collins go on a sweet peaceful camping trip. After spending a relaxing day fishing out on the lake they come back to their tent where the real fun starts. Christian starts eagerly swallowing and slurping Scotty's raging boner then the smooth and sexy twink Scotty takes his turn swallowing Christian's giant cock. after the suck fest Scotty rides Christian's erect hard dick. Don't miss a minute of Scotty Clarke's first scene as a Helix model. Starring: Christian Collins, Scotty Clarke

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Gracious stud Johnny Castle wanks outdoors in the sun

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James Redding is nervous for his first hardcore scene, but he has Kyler Moss to bare him the way!

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2 hot studs go mad in a furious hard cock feeding frenzy!

8teenboy catches Austin Tyler getting wild solo style. This erotic charged gay boyfriend knows how to put on a show and get himself off at the same time. Fucking the pillow, he fingers his boyfriend hole while jerking his rigid uncut cock. Austin squirms and twitches his tanned gay boyfriend trunk like a cat in heat. See him pump his dick and squeeze out a nice feed of boyfriend juice.

Scott Plows Jason's Perfect Asshole With Gusto! Not To Miss!

With the taste for two twinks at once our crew have sense not many EMO mates, Kyrian Tylor and Dakota Shine, both very cute and both are bi-sexual as we quickly sense out when they first chatted the twinks up outside a city park in the city. Sebastion takes his time fingering both twinks before forcing Kyrian to crap Dakota's tight hole. Sebastian fucks Kyrian and begins a appetite three-way crap before he forces sperm from Kyrian and demands Kyrian do the same from Dakota.

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Couples muscular homosexual cubs were naked and on their way to the shower room when this excited homosexual stallion dressed reading glasses stops them and began giving them a blowjob. Here Marcio Rosa and Reynaldo Costa took turns plugging this guy's butt with their wang.

He plugs away mercilessly on Mason's hole, pulls out to cum!

Brad plunges his penis in Anthony's hole, screwing him hard!

Are you prepared for another sexy and heavy, raw clip of BlacksOnBoys? We sure hope so. Alex is here this week. He's a 26 year old twink college student who got his laptop jacked at a coffee shop and needs few fast paper so he doesn't flunk out this semester.Hmmmm...gee, I wonder what he could do to make few fast cash...LOL!We bring in BlackHawk and Billy Long for Alex to earn his paper with. They whip their big-ass black ramrods out and Alex doesn't waste any time getting to work.

Jay-Vee! What we have here is another mov of "The Man Off The Street". With the one and just host Chris Dano, accompanied by Mr. Pain. Together they meting the man off the street, Jay Vee. During the meting Jay Vee reveals that he's Portugeese, and on that note Dano and Pain look forward to a spicey treat.

Dominik...You catch 1 look at this Latin babe and you'll know why we chose him to be on BlacksOnBoys. He is something you don't see on our web page every week...a nice and tan, muscular, masculine man. We thought since most of our updates have skinny, tiny twinks or older men who are only plain freaks, that we would treat you to something a tiny different...but in a gorgeous way! Let us know how you like it.

Trapboyy and Zodiac are out cruising around the city looking for not many amazing white meat. The ride up to the lake to watch if they may find what they're looking for. After looking for awhile they come across a cute tiny thing. His name is Raidar and he jumps right into the BlacksOnBoys SUV and is ready to have soe fun.They get back to the home and it's clear to job for tiny Raidar. You know Trapboyy isn't shy and he's the first one Raidar drops to his knees for. Before you know it, Zodiac jumps into the action and gets not many of Raidars amazing lips too. Raidar sucks both big black dicks, back and forth like a seasoned pro until all three of them can't wait any longer for not many ass sex. Once again Raidar takes it like a pro and they all love every minute of it.

Erect Collins looks sort of like those old school firm me. All he needs is a big mustache and he IS 1 of those guys. But I wonder, did those firm men have the same love for dark dick that Erect has? I would told some did, but most didn't. But fast forward a few decades, and you have studs like Erect willing to blowjob and fuck dark cock. Willing to aren't the right words, it's more like LOVE TO. And Erect does infact love this dark cock. All 10 inches of it full all his holes. Enjoy this one!

All three of these hotties are rock extremely and enjoying some sweet action and bends over and slams his huge chubby cock into his friend expose ass and doing him doggy while the other gay masturbating beside them.

The best piece of our day after our workout is lounging by the pool. Mike get's everyone's attention as he oils himself up while I'm only at... attention. Hey it's cool. What happens here stays here. I could really approach here everyday. In fact, I do approach here everyday. There's nothing like taking fucked in banana lounge. Did I only make that up? Hahahahaha.

Rusty and his man have been buddies since the scouts. But they have secrets muscular up that they didn't even know they had. Now they are cock docking and asshole tickling each other while personage groping this damn out of each other's cocks...

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